• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2013
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Students are going back to school. At this time of year we think of books, homework, teachers and football.

While the calendar officially says class is in session, it is important to remember that teachers and lessons are everywhere, not just in the classroom.

We learn from other colleagues, mentors, clients, mistakes and experiences, both ours and others.

We also have to develop the homework and lesson plan. Preparation is homework and takes on many forms. Researching, practicing conversations, presentations and preparing for negotiations all ensure a better grade.

In addition, we develop a lesson plan when we debrief a situation or presentation afterward. Discussing what went well and what could be improved provide valuable learning. We are often too busy to take this step and miss out on a powerful lesson.

Recognizing that we live in a giant, year-round classroom and are constantly learning from a multitude of sources can definitely eliminate back to school anxiety and improve our results.