Individual and Team Coaching

We can partner with you and your leadership team to customize a leadership development program for your organization, based on your needs.

We work with leadership teams and individual leaders to help them better understand their impact on the organization.


Advances (Organizational Retreats)

Mary Ann’s Interactive workshops and organizational retreats provide a safe, supportive environment for corporate and non-profit teams to clarify their vision, develop leadership skills and increase team camaraderie and productivity.


Keynote Presentations and Workshops

Mary Ann is an engaging and inspiring speaker who interacts with the audience so that they leave with new perspectives, insights and strategies. Through her ability to connect with participants and her practical focus, they leave with an energetic commitment to action.


Executive Mastermind

Mary Ann’s results-oriented Mastermind group provides the opportunity to network and build relationships with other like-minded, enthusiastic, determined, success-oriented business leaders to… clarify priorities, innovate thinking, implement actions, powerfully.

The Manchester Group studied 100 executives from the Fortune 1000 and found that coaching dramatically improves working relationships between supervisors, direct reports, and their respective teams.

The group also found that coaching provides a:

  • 5:1 return on investment
  • 53{160c7819af59c11da6532971d4da6329afa70521e09652cedd42dbad61fa4f29} improvement in productivity in executives
  • 48{160c7819af59c11da6532971d4da6329afa70521e09652cedd42dbad61fa4f29} improvement in performance quality from executives

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Mary Ann is so insightful and has really helped me to gain another perspective on so many aspects of my life, my career, and my style. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have you as my coach.


— Jennifer Dean, Vice President, Nationwide Insurance

Medical and Hospital Coaching

We can work with you and your team to custom design a team building/designing alliances program that meets your needs.

We recognize that an effective medical team is vital to high quality patient care. We work with medical teams to create alignment around shared goals and outcomes related to patient service. We teach people how to clearly define roles and expectations, hold each other more accountable, respect generational differences, run more engaging meetings, develop cross-departmental collaboration and maintain positivity in the workplace.

Team Cultural Assessment is used to determine the existing team dynamic and the qualities necessary to create the desired culture.

Team Positivity and Productivity Assessment measures the positivity and productivity of the team and identifies behaviors to increase its effectiveness to become a highly productive/highly positive team.

Using a proven methodology and standardized assessment tools, we customize our one-on-one coaching sessions to address the unique needs of each individual and achieve the business objectives of the client organization.

We have coached medical doctors, hospital administrators and practice executives on a one-on-one basis to help them to be the best they can be. We use assessment tools to help our clients gain clarity and understand their leadership style and how it impacts their team’s ability to get results. Following a systems based approach, we have seen positive impacts on participants’ relationships and quality of life with our model. Our clients repeatedly tell us that they now are setting boundaries and finding time for themselves and thus, providing better medical attention to others. They also have stronger and more collaborative relationships with colleagues. We provide on-going support both during and after our engagement and have found our clients appreciate our attention to the details.

We coach executive teams as they formalize strategy and shape the vision for their organization.

Our understanding of the dynamics and issues associated with patient care, both on the clinical and administrative level, allows us to effectively develop these strategies. Recognizing that people are being asked to do more with less and that workplace demographics are shifting, we facilitate discussions that lead to strategy and vision documents that can be operationalized by the entire team.

We can partner with you and your leadership team to customize a leadership development program for your organization, based on your needs.

We work with leadership teams and individual leaders to help them better understand their impact on the organization. Using a variety of assessment tools, leaders begin to recognize how their style and demeanor affect their team and how to adjust behaviors based on the situation. We coach leaders on how to influence and affect positive change; have difficult conversations with their direct reports, their colleagues and external stakeholders; develop new perspectives; increase collaboration; and inspire those around them to perform at their highest level.

Ann Marry Skippper

Mary Ann "Skipper"

Synergy Consultants

Mary Ann "Skipper" Singer, PCC, CPCC is a professional coach and business performance expert with over 30 years of diversified experience optimizing individual ability, team dynamics and organizational efficiencies in the private and public sectors. She coaches leaders, executives, and teams to reach their potential, and helps them maximize their vision, creativity & leadership ability.