• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2022
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5 Life Lessons Learned From the MastersThis year’s Masters Tournament
was especially exciting with the return of Tiger Woods.
His comeback is one of determination, hard work, and belief.

As a golfer, I am inspired watching these players
as they make the game look so easy.
And-it is not! It is a game of nuance and finesse.
And-it requires practice, trust, and belief.

Over the years I have learned many life lessons on the golf course.

Here are a few:

  1. Focus
    Be present and focus on the ball.
    You can’t be distracted by the noise around you,
    your grocery list or the last bad shot you made.
    As in life, focus on what is in front of you.
  2. Don’t Give Up
    I have had so many times where I hit a bad second or third shot
    and walked off with a par (4 or 5).
    You never know what will happen.
    Don’t get caught up in negative self-talk.
    Keep believing that anything is possible – because it is!
  3. Perspective
    The ball’s landing spot looks different from a distance
    than it does once you’re on top of it.
    You may think it went farther or landed in a bunker
    when neither happened.
    Things often look different from afar.
    Withhold judgment until you understand the true situation.
  4. Trust
    To hit the ball well, you have to trust your club selection and yourself.
    Stop doubting and eliminate second-guessing.
    Believe in your ability.
  5. Let Go
    Let go of perfection, control, and negative self-talk.
    In golf, we say that the most important shot is your next shot.
    You can’t focus or have confidence when you are holding on
    to the last mistake you made.
    Believe me – there will be mistakes!

And while golf is a game of inches, it is not a game of perfection
unless you are in the Masters and your putt or sand shot will cost you thousands.

For us amateurs, the best rounds happen
when we focus and let go.
We are then able to bring perspective, confidence, and trust to the game.

Kind of like life!