• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2019
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Have you ever answered a question with a question?
Twice last week I heard two sports figures
doing just that and shifting perspectives.

Amanda Anisimova, a teenage tennis sensation,
upset the defending champion of the French Open
in the tournament’s quarter finals in a surprising
6-2, 6-4 victory.
When asked if she could win it all,
Amanda said, “Why not?”

And Ryan Day, the new head coach of
The Ohio State University Buckeye football team
who replaced legendary coach Urban Meyer was asked,
“What if you don’t win big enough?”
Ryan responded, “Well, what if I do?”

“Why not” and “What if I do” are strong responses
that show belief in oneself, power and positivity.
Most of us are fearful of change or stepping into new situations.
When considering leaving one job to take another,
relocating to a new place or
making a commitment, we frequently ask,
“What if it doesn’t work out?”

We go down that negative spiral of fear.
I ask my clients, “What if it does?”
We often don’t allow ourselves the “luxury”
of focusing in that direction.
Instead, we protect ourselves and focus on the worst.

What if we started saying “Yes,” “Why not” or “What if I do?”?
Giving ourselves permission to envision the positive possibilities
will fuel our desire and can increase our confidence
to move toward the desired outcome, not away from it.

Next time you have a choice,
what’s the positive question you can ask?
It may lead you to an exclamation point of excitement!!