• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2020
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What's Puzzling You?

Recently I was doing a jigsaw puzzle with my mom.
I find puzzles relaxing and calming.
Others don’t enjoy sitting still for periods of time
hunting for a piece that may or may not fit together.

Puzzles can be a metaphor for life.
The big picture is on the box
so you have a vision of what it looks like.
Often we have no idea how to get there.

Puzzles require us to keep trying different solutions.
The pieces are like various perspectives
or paths we can take.
Many choices exist, but they don’t all fit.
Sometimes when we force the piece in,
it looks awkward. It doesn’t feel right.
Other times, it’s an easy fit and feels simple.

As we face puzzles in life, it’s helpful
to think about the big picture.

    •  What do you want to create?
    •  What are the pieces that need to come together
        to provide the structure (or border)?
    •  What other pieces (considerations) do we need to connect
        to fill in the picture?
    •  What perspectives do we want to ponder?
    •  What feels right on our gut and heart?

Putting the pieces together can be challenging or meditative.
Answering some of the questions above
will enhance your puzzle solving experience.