• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2020
  • 0

It’s been a surreal time
over the last several weeks,
to say the least.

Everywhere you go there are signs
of business closings due to Covid 19.
The airways are filled with daily updates
and sad stories of the virus’ toll.
The streets have less traffic and no outdoor cafes.

Despite this negativity
bombarding our psyche,
hope and inspiration can be found
in many places besides the last
30 seconds of the nightly news Inspiring America segment.

Last week on my walk
I saw a colorful chalk message on the sidewalk that said,
“Never Let Go of Hope.”

The sweetener for my morning coffee
gives me a daily jolt in addition to the caffeine.
The packets encourage me to
“Make more time for playtime,”
“Follow that spark,” “Take charge of my dreams,” and
“Be what I love.” They even believe in me, saying,
“You know you can do it!”

Even my clothes have something to say.
The label in one of my favorite brands has a powerful message,
“Laugh more, gripe less, ignore critics, say yes, order dessert (I like this one)
and love life.”

And last week a restaurant bathroom had a sign
to reduce the monotony of Happy Birthday hand washing.
There was a list of alternative songs that would provide
the 20-second benefit of cleanliness. Click here to see it.

Research shows that when we
experience awe (like a beautiful sunrise or sunset),
increase our positivity, express gratitude and feel hope,
we are more resilient.

In these challenging times,
I encourage you to keep looking for inspiration.
It’s all around us in nature and in our everyday activities
and interactions.

How and where have you found inspiration?
Please send me your experiences. I’d love to hear.

Stay safe and take good care!