• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2014
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For the second time in history, both the U Conn Huskies and the Lady Huskies celebrated college basketball championships.

This was a significant accomplishment given the highs and lows of both teams during the season. The men’s team had lost a game earlier in the year by 30 points while the ladies won 40 consecutive games.

A sign in the Goucher field house says, “Individuals play the game but teams win championships.”

What does it take to be a champion?

CoachingĀ – Strong and effective leadership that makes a difference
Hard Work – Giving your all and not taking shortcuts
Authentic Belief – Having an unparalleled belief in yourself and your team, regardless of the circumstances
Motivation – Possessing a strong “why” and desire
Practice – Putting in the time to prepare because how you practice is often how you play.
Internal, unstoppable self-talk – Continuing to have positive self-talk in the face of your doubts
Optimism – Hope
Natural ability – While we can learn skills, having natural aptitude in an area goes a long way

While most of us are not playing on a basketball team, we are playing on other teams to deliver powerful results. When we follow these guidelines, we can all win championships.