• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2020
  • 0
What Are You Celebrating?

As we start the month of June,
this is traditionally a time of graduations and weddings.
This year’s season for next chapters
has been rewritten due to Covid 19.

People are finding new and different ways
to commemorate these milestones.
Be it smaller gatherings at weddings
with Zoom and drive by witnesses or
drive up graduation ceremonies to receive diplomas,
people are still finding ways to celebrate.

Different ways to commemorate these milestones

One friend of mine said that his son
was receiving more acknowledgment now
for his graduation than he would have
during pre-Covid 19 times.
There were two neighborhood parades
and balloons and signs in his front yard.

Don Shula, the former coach of the Miami Dolphins,
said that he gave his players only 24 hours
to moan a loss or celebrate a victory.
Then it was on to the next thing.

I do not share Coach Shula’s philosophy
when it comes to celebrating.
Just as it is hard to over acknowledge people,
I believe it is difficult to over celebrate.

Life’s joys and accomplishments are meant to be savored,
regardless of their size.
And sometimes we need more than
24 hours to taste it all.
Especially during stressful times,
we need to cherish the positive.

So when I see families taking graduation pics
or photographers taking bridal or engagement pictures
to celebrate these life milestones, I smile.

Finding moments to savor in our everyday lives
builds our resilience.

What are you celebrating these days?
What brings you joy during these difficult times?
What makes you smile when you see or think about it?

Hope you are staying sane and safe!