• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2022
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Tom Brady: How Choosy Is He?As a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan,
(although Saints- you’re still #1 for me)
I, and my hometown supporters,
were ecstatic to hear that
Tom Brady was coming out of retirement.

Brady shows us that we can be flexible.
We can revisit a decision and change directions.
Often we think we can’t do this
because of what others might think.

We put a lot of pressure into making a decision,
we weigh the pros and cons; it must be right
and we can’t make a mistake.
Instead, if we view the process as a choice
rather than a decision,
we may feel more flexible and less stress.

Decide has a root of “cide.”
What words have that root?
Homicide, pesticide, suicide- not especially positive!
It can kill our energy, confidence, and joy.

When we choose instead of decide,
we feel lighter- like choosing an ice cream flavor
(Chocolate or vanilla? Choose).
We can always pivot and make a different choice.
The pressure diminishes, and we don’t have to get it right.

Brady shows us that even in our careers or large situations,
we are always at choice.
If something doesn’t seem right, make another choice.

I invite you to start choosing your life rather than deciding.
When you do, notice what’s possible and how you feel.
This perspective may give you the confidence of a Super Bowl champion!