• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2021
  • 0

How Good of a Driver Are You?I recently drove cars
at the BMW test track.
It was a thrilling and unique experience.
As I turned the sharp curves
my coach told me to brake briefly
prior to the turn and then accelerate
and look out forward so I could
anticipate what was coming up.

He did an excellent job
of focusing me both on the present
and the future and what lay ahead.

As leaders, this is an important skill
to navigate challenging roads.
It is essential that we are able
to slow down to be in the present,
while at the same time be able to
look ahead and be prepared for what is coming up.

It is an art to balance
both of these perspectives
in order to turn quickly
and yet stay grounded and moving forward.

I challenge you to apply the brakes when necessary
and then accelerate appropriately as you
navigate your next project.