• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2013
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maestro-band-memberLast weekend I saw The Columbus Symphony Orchestra play with the Ohio State Marching Band. It was an upbeat concert with a mix of classic music and the OSU crowd favorites.

The maestro’s ability to bring these two groups together allowed each player to showcase their talent.

The metaphor for the maestro and the band/orchestra member is very applicable to how we lead.

I often see leaders who want to be the band member when their role should be maestro. As we go higher in an organization and our roles expand, we can’t play each instrument. We must rely on the band members to execute the music.

The leader’s role is to orchestrate, give the members guidance and freedom to perform to the best of their ability. They get better by practicing, not by the conductor playing the music.

The maestro we saw was energetic, passionate and exuberant. He also took time to explain the pieces we were hearing.

By being confident and transferring this love and education he was able to get the best performance from his players.

We need all roles working together to make fantastic music. As you think of your role in your organization, are you a maestro or a band member? How are you impacting the sound?