• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2010
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Yesterday while hiking I saw a man fly fishing in the stream. He could have been a model in an L.L.Bean commercial standing in the water up to his hips in waterproof pants. Personally, I did not think standing in water for fun looked too inviting.

Yet, I am sure he was enjoying himself. For him, it was a relaxing and delightful way to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. While he was fishing, we were hiking, others were at the Ravens game and still others were on the golf course.

It was a good reminder that everyone has different passions. As leaders it is important for us to know what excites others. What is their passion and source of energy? What is their strength? What brings joy?

While we may not share or understand what brings others passion, our ability to tune in and help provide an environment to support them is critical. It is not only necessary for their success, but for ours and that of our organization.

So while I won’t be likely to order fly fishing gear the next time I get my L.L.Bean catalogue, I will catch on to what inspires my team members and focus on that.