• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2019
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Over the weekend my husband and I
decided to go for a walk on the beach.
As is typical in Florida at this time of year,
thunderstorms are scattered and pop up quickly.

On the drive there
the sky looked threatening
and the clouds were moving in our direction,
but there were also pockets of sunshine.

The conversation on the way
to the beach consisted of
should we focus on the sunshine
and keep going on
or focus on the dark clouds and turn back
to go home and start our Sunday “to do” list.

We continued toward the beach
because we hadn’t been in a while
and were excited about the possibility.
The sand and waves always
make us feel like we are on vacation.

Michael Bernard Beckwith,
spiritual leader and teacher,
says that when we talk about possibilities
rather than our issues,
a shift in our energy occurs.

When we focus on our issues,
our energy is lower.
It is fueled by doubt, worry and fear.

When we focus on possibility,
even if we don’t know how to get there
or bring it to fruition,
our energy begins to rise.

He recommends asking a “what if” question.
“What if all my needs were met?”
“What if everything is really working together for my good?”
“What if this works out?”
(I ask this question to my clients who often focus on what if it doesn’t work out?”)

When we start asking “What if” questions
from a positive perspective,
tiny miracles start happening.
Our energy shifts and rays of sunshine emerge.
Glimmers of hope and possibility expand.

What if you started this practice?

PS – We continued our drive and enjoyed a beautiful walk on the beach with no rain.