• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2015
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Creating a Climate to Weather the FutureThe fires out West are devastating. Many parts of the country are having record heat waves this summer. This past winter we experienced unprecedented temperatures and snow fall levels. The future environment is uncertain and seems subject to extremes.

Leadership does not have to be so uncertain. One of our goals as a leader is to eliminate extreme swings and create consistency within our organization. While we cannot control the weather, we can influence our organization’s ability to succeed.

A recent study by Taleo, a talent management company, said that the five top critical skills for future leaders are:

1. Driving and managing change 2. Identifying and developing future talent 3. Fostering creativity and innovation 4. Coaching and mentoring others 5. Executing organizational strategy

Given economic climates and the changing world dynamics, these skills are essential for dealing with uncertain environments. It is important to have a plan to navigate change, the people with the ability, innovation and creativity to do so and a strategy that develops our leaders and sustains our organizations.

Fires will burn, temperatures will continue to rise and fall and the environmental dynamics will continue to shift. Focusing on these five skills will help you shape a climate that is best suited to your organization.