• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2019
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There are two types of decisions.
Ear piercing and tattoo.
Wait–what did she say?
Yes, I said ear piercing decisions and tattoo decisions.

Ear piercing decisions can be undone.
Just like our ears can close up,
these kinds of decisions can be cleaned up or corrected.

Tattoo decisions are permanent.
(Yes there is laser removal, but it is very, very painful).
These are irreversible and much harder to correct.

While we think of most big decisions
as tattoo ones, the reality is, they are not.
Divorces happen, people change their names,
we relocate, we quit jobs, we start new careers
and we apologize.

Shifting our perspective from tattoo decisions to
ear piercing decisions gives us more choice.
Perhaps we may even be willing to take more risks
knowing that the outcome may not be permanent.
We can course correct, bounce back or move forward.

What decisions are on your mind?
What type are they?
What type are they really?