• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2022
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Are You a Good Driver?Road rage is growing exponentially.
Distracted driving is constant.
One of my biggest frustrations when driving
is when the person in front of me does not signal a turn.

We cannot read peoples’ minds
and therefore can be caught off guard
when this sudden move occurs.
Surprises when driving are not good.

Similarly in life, it’s very helpful to signal your turns.
People don’t know your intentions if you don’t.
Let them know your vision, direction or possible strategies.
Give feedback so people have direction and clarity.

Like driving, we often change lanes.
We shift our course, speed up or slow down and take detours.
Without signaling our intentions, people around us
do not know when to accelerate, shift, yield or merge.
It impacts their ability to perform, respond or collaborate
when they are confused.

Parenthetically, one of the few times when signaling your true intentions is not advised
is in war. The landing at Normandy in WWII comes to mind.
And even then, the Allies deliberately gave a wrong signal at another landing site
to throw off the Germans.

In our daily life, practice safe driving.
Signal your turns so you can clearly communicate your intentions.
Avoid relationship rage.