• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2021
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Are You a Believer?Last night my hometown team,
the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,
won the Super Bowl.
With Tom Brady at the helm,
he once again showed the importance of
leadership and the power of believing.

Belief is a powerful ingredient to making magic.
Just ask any child who wakes up on
Christmas morning to find Santa’s delivery.

Bruce Arians, head coach of the Bucs,
said that the key to the team’s success
was believing in themselves, even when others didn’t.

Tampa Bay had one of the longest losing records
when Brady, who had the highest winning percentage,
arrived to lead the team last spring.

Under Brady and Arians’ leadership,
the team transformed its culture and
readjusted its playing style to merge
between Brady’s strengths and Arians’ coaching philosophy.

With no pre-season, very little practice,
new players coming out of retirement
and a rocky season start (7-5),
most people did not believe in what was possible.

Brady helped create a team
who believed in themselves and each other.
In addition to hard work and excellent execution,
belief is a key ingredient to success.

In your game of life, think about:

  1. What mindset do you bring to challenging situations?
  2. What personal qualities do you rely on when the going gets tough?
  3. How do you inspire others to believe in themselves?

While we are celebrating here in Champa Bay today,
I invite you to remember that you can be
a champion in your organization or community
when your belief is strong enough.