• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2020
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A Time for CuriosityWe are living history right now.
The murder of George Floyd
has reignited a movement that
many have been fighting for years
and others are new to participating.

The Black Lives Matter protests are sparking
increased awareness about race, beliefs, privilege and history.
Kelly Corrigan, one of my favorite writers,
says that we need more curiosity and less judgement.

As a coach, curiosity is a cornerstone
to developing awareness.
We ask questions to better understand and learn.

In our busy world today,
most people like shortcuts.
From using them on the computer
to driving, we want to save time.
Shortcuts have their place, but not with people.

Stereotypes are a form of shortcutting.
We have an overarching belief
about a person or group and respond to them based on that.
We judge quickly, leaving no room for curiosity.

Real understanding takes time.
We must dig deep, engage in conversations,
listen to more than sound bites and read beyond headlines.

Taking time to question someone else’s story,
our own bias and its origin and who we want to be,
help generate awareness and honest dialogue
with others and ourselves.

Now is the time for all of us to become good coaches.
Ask good questions, listen without judgment
and help turn awareness into action
where you think its appropriate.