• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2007
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When I was a little girl I helped my mom season her cooking. Besides the holy trinity as we called bell pepper, onion and celery, we would add salt and pepper to taste.

We season to taste when we cook. It reflects our own preferences. Yet around the holidays, we tend to season to the shoulds and expectations of others and the past. We forget that we have choices.

What if we started to season the holidays to our own taste? Perhaps we would:

  • eliminate gifts for everyone in the extended family;
  • scale back the holiday baking and buy pre-made desserts;
  • or slice and bake cookies vs. doing it from scratch;
  • stop sending cards;
  • attend parties by choice, not out of obligation.

What if you simplified the recipe? I encourage you to take one action to please your taste buds.