• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2020
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A Message from the Heart

As Valentine’s Day approaches,
we usually think of love with a partner or spouse.
In addition to this kind of love,
there are three other categories of love
that are important for our well-being and
overall life satisfaction.

  1. Self-love
    I’m not talking about being arrogant or egotistical.
    I’m suggesting a healthy appreciation for yourself.
    How do you take care of yourself?
    What is your self-talk? Are you bringing yourself up or pulling yourself down?
    How much do you recognize and appreciate your strengths?

    And, when we genuinely care for ourselves,
    we tend to appreciate the people in our orbit, feel happier
    and are more inclined to love the world around us. 
  2. Loving what you do
    How passionate or enthusiastic are you
    about what you are doing at work or on the home front?
    Igniting a spark or feeling excitement about
    how you are investing your time is important
    to generating positive energy.
    It also impacts how you feel about yourself
    And your level of joy. 
  3. Loving the little things
    Life is made up of dozens of little things
    that occur each day.
    From finding money in a coat pocket to
    catching all the synchronized lights on the way
    to a meeting, to getting a smile from a stranger,
    these seemingly small occurrences spark joy. 

Love is a word many of us are uncomfortable saying.
However, in our fast paced, polarized world,
showing and expressing love to ourselves and others
through kindness, compassion and understanding
will help us focus on the heart for
364 other days of the year.

What’s not to love about that?