• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2022
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A Lesson from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.As we honor Dr. King today,
his message is more relevant and significant than ever.
He reminds us of the importance
of finding our voice, living our values, and staying visible.

It is often difficult to speak up,
especially when others don’t agree
or we know they will not like what we have to say.
We might become marginalized or seen as a troublemaker.

Yet being true to ourselves and what we believe
is essential to our spirit and energy.
Dr. King shows us the impact that courage, truth, and persistence
have when they join forces.

We need these forces now as The Voting Rights Act of 1965
that he, John Lewis, and others fought so hard for is being whittled away.

You might not be ready to step into
as big of an arena as Dr. King was in,
and finding your voice starts with the little things.
You can speak up in a meeting,
advocate for yourself and your team
or promote your ideas.

Find your voice and have the courage to be visible and seen.

Thank you, Dr. King!