• Mary Ann "Skipper"
  • 2018
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How Are You Painting Your Environment?As I was thumbing through my latest edition of House Beautiful, a page on paint colors caught my attention.

We have just finished a three-year redecorating project and I was curious to see the 2019 Paint Forecast. Don’t panic Ezra–I am not changing anything we did!

But I was a bit shaken when I realized that General Eisenhower planned and executed the D-Day invasion in approximately 18 months, almost half the time as our project. Nonetheless, throughout our process, I learned patience, persistence and the power of believing in your vision.

But back to paint– The paint colors selected for the upcoming year reflect an antidote to our current environment. The trends represent peace, calm and a respite from noise and chaos.

Benjamin Moore’s rep said, “We all need a little cocooning. People want a break from the chaos and noise out there.” Earthy, warm tones are trending because of their soothing effect.

Referring to one of their colors, Sherwin Williams’s color marketing director says, “Painted on the walls, it’s like an embrace,” Behr’s Blueprint color brings to mind a calm sea blue and PPG’s newest green “represents that meditative state of being in nature,” says their senior color marketing manager. She sums up, “Right now, we could use a bit of peace and quiet.”

Environments are powerful. They reflect what we take in and influence what we put out to the world. We create relationship, thought, physical, financial and health environments to name a few. Our environment can be a place that reflects, nourishes and supports us.

  1. What do you want your environment to represent?
  2. What do you need in it to support you?
  3. What, if any changes can you make?