Performance Assessments


Decades of research show that the highest performing organizations in the world all share an affinity for and commitment to measurement. Without a baseline understanding of where you are now, you lack the ability to measure what is and is not working — or whether you are even on the path to where it is you want to go.

Synergy Consultants provides personalized reports for each participant that helps explain their individual behavioral style and characteristics and furthers their understand of what’s necessary in order to create lasting change. In addition, we can provide your team with an overview of their group’s results to promote more comprehensive and effective action planning and increase the likelihood of successful completion of individual, team and organizational goals.

Assessments offered include:

  • DiSC. Identify and better understand behavioral styles.
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI). Understand motivational styles, conflict patters, strengths and overdone strengths.
  • Leadership Circle 360-Degree Profile. Gain a new perspective of your leadership style as a result of feedback from your supervisor, direct reports and/or peers.
  • Individual and Team Culture Reports. Determine how your employees view your organization’s culture and identify opportunities for positive change.
  • Team Diagnostic. Assess your team on positivity and productivity factors.
  • Personal Interest Attitude Values (PIAV). Determine personal values and how they stack up in terms of priority level.
  • Time Mastery Profile. Discover how you utilize your time as well as how that contributes to or detracts from your success.

Synergy Consultants’ assessment tools have been carefully selected to identify possible areas for improvement and create an action plan for reaching your goals.

Discover for yourself the power of our assessment tools to help put you and your organization on the fast track to success. Contact us today for more information.