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How Do You Create Daylight Savings All Year Long?

How Do You Create Daylight Savings All Year Long?As we have just finished our first week
off of daylight savings time,
the days are shorter and darken earlier.
Many of us find these months
more challenging than usual
due to less exposure to light.

However, there is a way to increase
our sunshine dosage daily.
We can create our own version of daylight savings time
and get extra hours of light through our attitude.

When we are optimistic
and focus on the positive,
we brighten our world.
When worry does not take center stage and
we let go of drama, we increase our energy.
We shine when anxiety, doubt, negative thinking
and rehashed conversations do not cloud our thoughts.

While we cannot control the sun’s rotation,
we can significantly impact our ability
to increase the daylight in our hours
and reduce the darkness.