Leadership Tip

The Power of a Team

The Power of a TeamThe Golden State Warriors
won the NBA finals decisively
against the Cleveland Cavaliers
with a 4-0 game victory.

Seth Curry and Kevin Durant partnered
strongly with their teammates
to achieve this accomplishment.
In fact, these two each averaged
at least 25 points per game in the past two seasons.
This is a remarkable accomplishment given
that two teammates have averaged this score
only eight times since 2000.

LeBron James, arguably one of the greatest players
of all times, got his team to the playoffs.
He did this almost single-handedly
without a strong team behind him.
However, given the lack of support from his teammates,
he and his team were unable to win the Championship.

These playoffs and their results remind me of
the importance of teams and having support.
While one person can be outstanding,
it is difficult to accomplish consistent greatness
riding the coattails of one person.

Collaboration and partnership are imperative,
regardless of the game.
Whether you are working on a project,
creating an event, packing for a move or
driving 12 hours for your summer vacation,
having others who are competent, strong and
trustworthy improves the results.

While one person can make a difference,
having a powerful team is the key to sustained success.
Who is on your roster?