At Synergy Consultants, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes, from small business owners to global conglomerates, optimize the performance and leadership of their people and make the changes needed to achieve desired outcomes. For more than two decades, Fortune 500 companies, healthcare organizations, non-profits, educational institutions and entrepreneurs have partnered with us to ensure that they arrive at workable, effective solutions that provide them with clarity and focus.

Are you ready to increase your energy, be brave and have the mindset and courage to get into action?

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Life Coach, Tracy Imm, on her recent podcast, Brave Girls. Check it out below to increase your courage
and take bold action!!


Coaching helps executives, rising leaders, and business owners cultivate the skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced, dynamic work environments. Our full suite of programs is designed to instill them with greater confidence and empower them to perform at their highest potential.


In many ways, success today is about finding order in chaos. As the world moves faster and becomes more complex, it’s getting even harder to think clearly. Through team coaching, your people are able to gain greater awareness, apply new perspectives, eliminate obstacles, and fast track results.


The skills of great leaders and influencers are learned, not innate. Yet the ability to move and motivate people is essential to success. Our workshops, keynotes, assessments and other high-impact programs energize teams and move individuals toward greater effectiveness and performance.


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Mary Ann was featured in the
May issue of Columbus CEO

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Synergy Consultants was named
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Columbus CEO magazine.

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ReStart: ReThink, ReFuel & ReInvent – How to Live a More Purposeful Life

Mary Ann presented her workshop
at The Daily Record's 2018 Women's Leadership Summit in Baltimore.
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